It has been difficult to conduct ourselves like we are in a work environment when the pandemic has left us in months of lockdown. However, work must go on, and many people have switched to remote working. The challenge comes in Zoom meetings when you struggle not to look unprofessional in your appearance. Aoki, a Japanese suit retailer, has come up with the idea of a piece of clothing that guarantees your comfort and still feel professional. The outfit is called a Pajama suit and is complete with cuts and buttons on both sleeves at the front. At 4,990 Yen, Pajama suits are available only in Japan.

Thankfully, there’s an option for Americans: cardigans, which are essentially what the Pajamas Suit is. If you also want to attend your next Zoom meeting in comfort and style, you can probably find what you need in your local thrift shop.

From The Verge