There are a new crop of apps and websites that help people network within specific industries. Wildcast is a website that helps podcasters network with other podcasters

Podcasting is a big industry and new titles crop up daily. The choice of podcasts appears to be almost limitless with every imaginable subject covered and setting up a podcast is relatively inexpensive because the technology is so affordable. If you have a great idea or some specialist knowledge in a certain subject, you have the basis for a podcast. The biggest challenge is in gaining traction for a new podcast is getting the pacing content right, which includes having interesting and knowledgeable guests to interview who can speak with authority and in an entertaining way. But where do you find those guests? Not every expert is entertaining or engaging and not all experts are willing to appear on podcasts.

Madison Catania is the CEO and co-founder of a new startup called Wildcast; a networking platform and community for the podcast industry that seeks to bring together podcasters, networks, guests, and agencies to enable them to connect, interact, engage and collaborate. While pursuing an MBA degree at the University of California, San Diego, Catania discovered a love for podcasting because of the way it connected with people and how it can bring new ideas to the forefront. 


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And Wildcast is just one newcomer to what seems to be a rapidly expanding field of apps and sites dedicated to helping jobseekers and networkers dig a little deeper than a shallow connection on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn should consider how they can disrupt themselves before apps like these do it for them.